Treyson, Lea, Deidre, RJ, Blakelee, Kaiden

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank goodness for school!

School finally started on August 14th. I'm so excited. The last couple of weeks the kids have been teasing and fighting all day long. I kept telling people that school had to start or I was going to jail. Treyson and Kaiden started on the 14th. Treyson is in 5th grade and his class and the 6th grade are trying a rotating schedule like in middle school. He really likes it. Kaiden is in 2nd grade, and improving everyday. He is still behind but is doing better and better all the time. He really loves his teacher. Lea didn't start kindergarten until August 21st. She is in all day kindergarten, and I love it. Blakelee and I are home alone from 8-2:30. We are having a lot of fun. Lea's teacher is our bishops wife who also is the chorister in primary so Lea knows her quit well and loves her as a teacher. I thought I would have more time once the kids went back to school but every time I try to start a project Blakelee needs me to meer (come here). I decided to start organizing my photos and put them into albums. I haven't touched a picture since 2004 so I have a big project ahead of me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where did summer go?

Summer is almost over and I don't think we really did anything this summer. The kids start school on Thursday (I can't wait). Lea will be in all day Kindergarten and I'm really excited about that. Treyson just got home from Idaho Falls after spending 11 days with RJ's sister and her kids. We really missed him while he was gone. I didn't realize how much I rely on him. He had a great time, he participated in a few rodeos and rode horses all the time. He didn't take a camera so I don't have pictures. I just got the girls hair cut into a a-line bob. It looks so cute. It definitely makes Blakelee look a lot older. Here is a picture of her in her favorite outfit (her swimming suit). I can't believe she is already 2. WOW! where does the time go.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Harvest Time

Since moving to Utah I have found my new love in life "Gardening". Our house is on 1 acre, so we have lots of room to grew stuff. I love being outside in the garden, it truly helps me keep my temper down. After I run in the mornings I usually spend 1-4 hours outside doing "stuff". We have grown a garden for the last 3 years and every year it gets bigger and better. Like anything else it takes awhile to figure it all out, you can't just throw seeds in the ground, there really is alot more to it. Most of the garden is in sweet corn, then we also have summer squash, cucumbers, watermelon, sweat peas, red potatoes, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and green onions. In the back yard along the barn we have raspberry bushes. I also have quite a few flower beds and pots. I really could spend all day outside and never do another dish again. Above are just a few things we picked this morning. Lea is holding the raspberries, Blakelee and Lea are holding green beans, Kaiden's in the corn patch, and Kaiden helped me pick a cucumber, some summer squash, and a few cherry tomatoes. Look at the last picture, I only planted two squash plants because I'm the only one who likes it and I pick about this many every 2-3 days.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Baseball is OVER!!!!!!

We just finished baseball (finally). Since February we have been doing baseball non-stop. I was elected to the Little League Board last year, I also thought it would be fun to coach Kaiden's boys machine pitch team (I coached Treyson's last year and we won the end of the year tourney). Well it was alot different coaching Kaiden than Treyson. This will explain Kaiden. My sister Sharla bought him a shirt that reads "I don't have ADHD it's just....Look there's a rabbit" Anyway, it was definitely interesting. I think he was the comic relief for the whole season, which was nice since the boys were 6-8 years old. Someone asked me why I coached baseball instead of girls softball, let me just say 5 words "There's no crying in baseball". RJ coaches a Major League boys team (10-12 year olds), after losing every game for the last 3 years they won their last season game, and then won the league tourney, it was awesome. Treyson was league age 9 so he played on a minor league team. He did a great job. He was their number one pitcher. His coach said that he had never seen anything like Treyson pitching, the faster he throws the more accurate he is. Trey's team also won the end of the season tourney. Treyson also made the 9-10 year old All-Star team. They played for a week in Cedar City and were the consolation champs (which I think is really good considering they played Cedar and St. George teams) We had 55 kids to pick from and St. George and Cedar have over 500. Lea played T-Ball this year. She definitely is more suited to be a cheerleader (dang it). After she hit the ball and while she was running the bases she would purposely knock her helmet off so she could flip her hair while she ran. How did I end up with a girly-girl. So between the 4 teams schedules and me being on the little league board, we were at the baseball park Monday-Friday and all day Saturday. Man I am sure glad it is over. We just finished baseball on July 24th and school starts August 14th, so we really only get 3 weeks of summer vacation.

Snaggle Tooth

Kaiden had his "I-Teeth" removed a few years ago. Well the other day at the park he tried to jump from one table to the next and knocked out his top tooth, (good thing it is still a baby tooth). Everyone thinks I am mean for calling him snaggle tooth until they see him, then they just laugh.