Treyson, Lea, Deidre, RJ, Blakelee, Kaiden

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holy Cow! Has it really been a year since I updated my blog. What the heck is wrong with me? We have been so busy over the last year. We moved into a new house in March, baseball started right after that, we planted a huge garden this summer 24 rows of corn, 3 rows of tomatoes, 1 row of potatoes, 9 squash plants, 10 pumpkin plants, 8 cucumber plants, and 5 watermelon plants, 1 row of peas and carrots. Needless to say I spent most of my summer in the garden and then most of the fall bottling and drying apples off our apple tree. Now it is Christmas time and I'm running like mad trying to get it all done. I think I need to just slow down my life and enjoy it. Oh and RJ started a new job in November. He is doing what he has always wanted to do, he's Cowboying. He runs a LOT of cows for a local farmer here in Enterprise. He is really loving it. He rides his horse everyday and really enjoys it. As for me I'm working a couple of days a week out at my dads restaurant Marv's, and still trying to run RJ's satellite business. Oh and trying to raise 4 kids who are always running in different directions. Life is crazy but it is fun. Hope all is well with everyone and I'll try to post pictures soon. Take care and have a great Holiday season.