Treyson, Lea, Deidre, RJ, Blakelee, Kaiden

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I need to do this more often, here it is June and Christmas is just around the corner. SLOW
DOWN DEIDRE!!!!!! We just finished another year of baseball. It was great. Treyson really did well this year pitching. I was stupid again and agreed to be on the little league board. I've spent most of my time between the baseball fields and my greenhouse. Wow, my green house. I love it!!! Here are a few pictures of the flowers I've started in my greenhouse. They are just starting to bloom. I will take more pictures in August when everything is in full bloom. Might be until August before I blog again. We have all-star baseball until the middle of July and then it's the 24th of July and then school starts the 2nd week in August. I told you that Christmas is just around the corner.