Treyson, Lea, Deidre, RJ, Blakelee, Kaiden

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Few Things We Did In December.

NFR WITH THE KIDS. We took the kids to the NFR for the
first time, (thank you Allison Bigler's Parents). We had a great
time. We picked the kids up after school, drove to Vegas, ate at
Red Lobster, went to the NFR, and got back home around 1:30am. It was a lot of fun

WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY. The kids participated in the ward program at the Christmas party. Lea was a kitten, Kaiden was a
Nephite, and Treyson was a
Sheppard. They all did a good job. Earlier that day the kids decorated the Christmas tree by

BUILDING A SNOWMAN. We got about 3 feet of snow just before Christmas. I love the snow, until you have all your kids
home from school and they can't go outside to play. The day we built the snowman it snowed another 2-3 inches. Treyson and
Lea were both to cold to come back out for a picture. (Wimps)
It has been so nice the last few days that our snowman has melted,
melted, melted.

This year my family decided we would not exchange gifts with
each other. Instead we decided that we would write a note to
everyone (30 total) telling them what we loved most about them.
We each put our notes into canister and that is what we got for
Christmas. We took Grandma Jones down to her and had a little
party. Each of the kids got to do some sort of talent and my mom
even won the hula hoop contest (she is awesome for 57). We all had a great time and I think
Grandma did too. We love you grandma Jones.

CHRISTMAS DAY. We had a really small and quiet Christams this year. Blakelee got a new baby and all the baby stuff, (stroller, car seat and swing.) Lea got a scooter and a Barbie house
Kaidend got a scooter and a Deisel, Treyson got a baseball glove and a new puppy. For the past
6 weeks that is all Treyson has asked for. I kept telling him that Santa had to ask his mom and
dad about the puppy and his mom and dad said no. Well Christmas morning he was so
surprised. A few hours after we had finished opening presents, Treyson came into the kitchen
with big tears in his eyes. I asked him what had happened, and he said, "This is the best Christmas of my life." (Making it all worth it.) She is a very cute puppy and very good. We have already got her potty trained (well mostly) and she is only 8 weeks. She won't get much bigger than she is right now. Her name is Halle. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you will have an even better New Year. We miss and love you all.