Treyson, Lea, Deidre, RJ, Blakelee, Kaiden

Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween once again. Where does the time go? This year each of the kids decided on their own what they wanted to be. I'm tired of tring to put something together that has a theme and no one really cares what your kid looks like they only care about what their own kids look like, so why spend all the time and money on something that only lasts one night? I don't have time. Treyson had a girl from his class dare him to be a cheerleader. So when he came home and told me that we found my old cheer uniform in the cedar chest and found a wig. He looked great. Everyone at school thought he had the funniest costume. Kaiden found the batman costume in the box of Halloween stuff and hasn't taken it off for a week. Lea only changed her mind 300 times, finally at the last minute she decided to be a rodeo queen. It didn't take much work to put her together, with all the rodeo stuff around our house, and we threw on her dance shirt for the final touch. Blakelee also found this puppy costume in the Halloween stuff, Kaiden wore it about 5 years ago. She loved it and we put her in a box with a big sign that said "puppy for sale". The kids all had a great time at the carnival that the school puts on every year, and I was pleased that it didn't cost me a dime this year for Halloween. Hope you all had a fun Halloween. Trick-or-Treat.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Molly Oakley?????

Last year my sisters RaSelle, Sharla and I decided that we needed to learn how to can. My mom never canned while I was growing up because she had to do it all the time as a little girl and she hates it. So now every fall we start canning things. We've done Peaches, Apple pie filling, Salsa, Spaghetti sauce, bottled deer meat and jam. We also dried apples. This week began a very long week of canning and other things. We canned on Tuesday (salsa). On Wednesday, we decided to drive out to Indian Peaks to see if we could find Pine nuts. Usually when the harvest for pine nuts is good they are really easy to find, but this year the harvest was not so good and only a few places had pine nuts and we decided that we could find them. My dad was not to happy about us girls going out in the hills by ourselves (like he thinks we are going to get lost without him, but not remembering that he taught us all how to get around in the hills and never get lost. Last year a couple from northern Utah got lost out in Indian Peaks for 10 days and nearly died. After a 10 hour day of driving every draw and every road out there we came home empty handed, but had a really great time together. On Thursday we had 2 deer given to us by family that doesn't like venison, (my family loves it). With all the men at work my mom, Sharla, RaSelle and I skinned and cut them both up. We were setting there with our hands all bloody talking about canning spaghetti sauce on Friday and I said, "we should call ourselves Molly Oakley, Molly Mormons one day, Annie Oakley the next." Everyone laughed and thought it would be a great idea.
So if anyone out there has a recipe for canning write me and tell me about it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Timeout for Women

The Whole group (don't' we look good in Pink)

All of us with the Nashville Tribute Band
This is how RaSelle always travels
Last month I attended Timeout for Women in Las Vegas. My mom had bought her my sisters, and I tickets for last February, but it happened to fall on the same weekend of Pres. Hinckley's funeral, so it was rescheduled for Sept. My mom's sister and all of the girls in her family also went with us. We had such a great time. Friday night the Nashville Tribute band performed and it was so great. We then spent the night at the South Point Casino Hotel, 14 of us in 2 rooms. The next day we had awesome speakers. If anyone has ever thought about going to Timeout for Women I definitely recommend it. It really helped me to regroup and feel so much better about life and my role as a mother. It was great.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Love Fall

Like many of you, fall is my favorite time of the year, but probably for a different reason than most. I love the deer hunt. Deer season starts next Saturday and I'm sad to say my family didn't draw a tag this year. Growing up with only sisters, my dad took me and my sisters hunting with him every year. I shot my first deer at 16 and have loved it ever since I was a little girl. The cool fall days and the smell of sage brush in bloom really gets me excited for the deer hunt. Since neather RJ or I drew out this year we bought an Elk Tag (which is fun but not as fun as deer hunting.) I think the reason being is I love being with my dad and two of my sisters walking the hills, road hunting (which we have shot many a deer this way) and just laughing and having a good time. All of our husbands put in for the deer hunt also but not with us. Like I said I would rather be with my dad and sisters, we have a lot more fun together. I took some pics of the house and Blakelee since we aren't hunting we might as well be decorating the porch. (ha ha)

Friday, October 3, 2008

13 years together

I've been tring to publish a book about our family (via I came across some pictures of RJ and I. We've been married now for 13 years and together for 15. Were does the time go? It really seems like yesterday that Warren (a mutual friend of ours) told me that RJ wanted to take me on a date. Which I replied "tell him good luck". I really didn't know RJ then and I thought he was very cocky. Needless to say a few months later he asked me to dance and we've been together ever since. We started dating in Feb. of 1993. We got engagged in April of 1995 and married in August of 1995. We've really had a great life together. We've lived in 5 different states and now live back home in Utah. We've had 4 beautiful children and I love him more today than I did 15 years ago. He is a wonderful husband and father. For those of you who really know RJ you know he is very passive. I truely love that part of him the most, even though I really would like him to argue with me every now and then. RJ I love you thanks for the best years of my life. (I know he will never read this so I think I'm safe)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


We decided to go camping this last weekend. The weather here in Utah has been very warm for this time of the year (about 15 degrees above normal). We had a really great time. My whole family went (minus MiKell's husband who was deer hunting). We really enjoy being outdoors especially with family. We went to Pine Valley which is about 25 miles from Enterprise. The kids had a great time and can't wait until we go again.