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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visiting Grandma Jones


Playing Rook, Grandmas favorite game

Blakelee, Maicey, Denni, Braedon, McKendree

Blakelee, Me and Grandma Jones
This week my mom, sisters and I went down to Kolob to see my Grandma Jones. For all who have heard stories of my "Hi" grandma this is her. She is truly an amazing person. She was born in 1919 and has experienced some great things in her life. She was born into a family of all girls so her dad took her with him everywhere. She really was a tomboy. She hearded cattle and even has a few wild Indian stories. In Enterprise every 24th of July they have foot races. She won every race she ever ran even into her thirties. She was raced a boy that was 3 years older that her and quite a bit taller that her short 5'4' frame. She said she was very nervous racing him but she beat him pretty bad. She raised 2 of her 7 children alone while my grandpa was serving in WWII. My grandpa came back from the war different and much rougher than when he left. He didn't want my grandma to go to church but every week she would sneak out of the house so she could go to church. She lost her 2nd son at the age of 19 in a car accident. She recalls how difficult that time was for her but she says that the Holy Ghost was with her so strong that she never felt alone. She later got a divorce from my grandpa but never stopped loving him. She believes that they will still be together forever. She has 7 children, 36 grandchildren, 143 great grandchildren, and 14 great great grandchildren. What a posterity. She has always been such a strong member of the church. She's the one that told me that if you go visiting teaching at the beginning of the month it is because you want to, and if you go at the end of the month it is because you have to. Why do I call her the "Hi" grandma. Well, my grandma would never swear even if she had a mouth full of sh--, so where do I get my swearing from, My grandpa. Anyway, one day my grandma decided she needed to work on something in her life. She decided that when she answers the phone be saying "Hello" she was saying something close to a swear word, so she started answering the phone, "hi". If she doesn't make it to heaven no one will. There is no one else in the world like my grandma Jones. I love you.


Heidi said...

I loved hearing about Grandma Hall. I never knew any of that and I grew up just a few doors down. What an amazing woman. I bet she's so proud of you and your awesome family. Thanks for sharing! :o)

AZ Wrights said...

What a great story! Made me chuckle:)

Nicole said...

I love the "hi" grandma story! You are blessed to have such a wonderful grandma.

TJ said...

heck yeah i love you haha!! i was just looking at i think emilys blog and i seen your blog so i decided to check it out lol!!

Heather said...

What a wonderful story and family history. I love talking to my one living grandma...such great stories! I always tell myself that I am going to write them down - I need to do it, because I know my kids will love to hear the stories too.